About Us

Since the return of Landini to South Africa in 1994, Argo Industrial (Pty) Ltd expanded (broadened) his product base to McCormick tractors, Gallignani bales, Fella haymaking equipment, Morra balers and haymaking equipment, Agrimaster sprayers and shredders, Sigma 4 frontend loaders and Manip frontend loaders in South Africa. Our advanced technology has brought optimal results in improving farming techniques through excellent operator results, economic machine utilization, reliability and durability. The popularity of our brands has necessitates the restructuring of our business strategy locally under a new corporate body, Argo Industrial (Pty) Ltd.

Argo Industrial (Pty) Ltd.

Argo Industrial (Pty) Ltd is the distributor of Landini and McCormick tractors, Laverda harvesters, and Gallignani and Fella haymaking equipment in South Africa.


Landini, is a historic brand name for excellence, renowned for reliable and robust products. It excels in the medium power bracket with machines for vineyard, orchard and open field use, with power ratings from 35 - 123 kW.


McCormick, is a trademark synonymous with agriculture and known throughout the world for its high technological level. It offers a range of medium to open field tractors from 62 - 143 kW.


The entry level range, Landini Solis has gained ground rapidly since its introduction. It is available in the low to meduim kW range.


Kioti is a well know brand of tractors across the globe and distributed by ARGO Industrial in the low power range for specific applications.


Gallignani, specialize in the field of haymaking equipment. High versatility and productivity are the distinctive features of the Gallignani round- and square balers and wrapper range.


Fella, suppliers of mowers, swathers and tedders, have realized early that it is only possible to produce high quality machines profitably, if each and every different component is produced applying the latest and best production procedures. In the special branch of forage harvesting technology, Fella is among the leading manufacturers all over the world today.


The well-known Agrimaster sprayer range is now available through Argo Industrial (Pty) Ltd to the local agricultural market. Thorough research and advanced manufacturing technology criteria are the main features of the Agrimaster sprayer range.

Sigma 4

Sigma 4 frontend loaders and material handing equipment are reliable and high quality products. It offers a vast range of products and has been proven to be cost effective with a very high quality standard. Sigma 4 is ideal for the South African farmer.


The vastness of the Southern African sub-continent demands good representation when it comes to agricultural equipment distribution. Argo Industrial (Pty) Ltd is well represented by quality Dealerships throughout the country. Through our Dealership Network we have one thing in common: determination and dedication ensuring excellent management to carry out the Argo Industrial (Pty) Ltd tradition of service and support countrywide. The new divisions of Landini, McCormick, Laverda, Gallignani, Fella and Agrimaster will continue to form a powerful network of quality and reliable products to meet the increasing demands and specialized needs of the farming community. Over the years we have seen a steady but solid growth in our sales and services. Our relationship with our partners, the farmers who use our products, is strong. It is our priority to help them maintain constant growth in the agricultural industry by our continued strive for excellence in customer service.
Argo Industrial (Pty) Ltd is committed to find solutions for all our customer's needs and we endeavor to be the company which stays at the forefront of agricultural equipment supply.